Rebuilding homes after the bushfires

Rebuilding homes after the bushfires

19 November 2013

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Australia — Since then it’s rained, the fires are out but families from more than two hundred homes have a long way to go.

The state and federal governments announced last week they’d provide up to ten million dollars to help clean up and remove all debris from bush fire affected sites.

Phil Koperberg is chairman of the New South Wales Emergency Management Committee. He spoke to Linda Mottram on 702 Mornings about how and where monies would be distributed and how people affected could be helped with the funding.

He explained that since the funding was announced “treasury and the insurance industry have been working together to find the most suitable way forward.. what we expect will happen now is that every insured or uninsured property owner will have their land cleared where their houses were totally destroyed.”

The money is being provided because “many people will find themselves underinsured due to the fact that there are new Australian building standards since they originally built the houses.”

So to meet the current building requirements the funding will help “by remvoing the impost of the debris clearing from the policy holders liability… that gives them an additional sum of money to be put toward the reconstruction of their house according to the new building codes.”

Andrew in Winmalee wanted to know about the removal of site waste from his property. Phil explained:

“A number of insurance companies will be chosen to manage this project.. They will engage contraactors and you will be notified in advance that they want to come on to your land. They will need your consent to do so, and we can arrange for you to be present on the day. The contractor will bill the insurance company and the insuance company will be recompensed under the goverment scheme.”

Bob in Wentworth Falls has a friend who’s house was burnt down, but has been told that as the decking is still standing her house isn’t considered totally destroyed.

“We are doing are very best to act as honest brokers and where there is a case to be made we will make it.”

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