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Courses on fire science or fire management are offered by a number of universities worldwide. The numerous universities in the U.S.A. that are offering courses on a regular basis and as part of their curricula are not listed here. Those interested in qualifying in the U.S.A. are encouraged to search the internet for details. Universities from other countries that allow participation of students from outside their university or through inter-university agreements are encouraged to announce their courses on this site (contact: The following courses are currently offered:

GFMC / Germany
The course module “Fire ecology of tropical, subtropical and temperate-boreal forest and open landscapes” is integrated part of the curriculum of Freiburg University (Germany), Faculty for Environment and Natural Resources.


Complete Guide to an Online Fire Science Degree
The field of fire science encompasses many aspects of fire management and emergency services. In conjunction with the completion of a degree program, graduates typically need on-the-job training and emergency medical certification before they are qualified to work as a firefighter. While many firefighters are able to find employment with just a high school diploma and work experience, those with an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in fire science may have greater opportunities for advancement. Firefighters with significant professional experience may eventually have careers as fire inspectors, fire investigators, or fire chiefs, among others. Choosing the most appropriate fire science degree will depend on your current level of fire and emergency training and your career aspirations. See the dedicated Fire Science website of the Guide to Online Schools at:

Guide to Fire Science and Public Safety Degrees
While several schools now offer programs specific to fire science, many positions can be filled with other related public safety degrees like emergency management and safety & health. FireScienceDegree has made getting a fire science degree easy by taking the step and finding schools that offer the degree. Please visit this website with some of the best online fire science degrees and other related programs:

Northern Michigan University Wildland Fire Program
The minor consists of 23 credits with both classroom and hands on training in the field. The courses are taught by experienced Wildland Firefighters and provide certification through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. Contact Website:

Master of Natural Resources Online (M.N.R.): Fire Ecology and Management
The fire ecology and management specialty area of the MNR degree offers students a science-based approach to managing wildland fire:


A Wildland Fire Science and Integrated Fire Management Master MSc programme has been set up between the Universities Universidad de Lleida (Coordination), Universidad de Córdoba and Universidad de León.

The second Training course on prescribed fire (Certified by the Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas – Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests for the accreditation of prescribed fire managers) will be held at the Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra – College of Agriculture of Coimbra starting 25 September 2015)

The course module “Fire ecology of tropical, subtropical and temperate-boreal forest and open landscapes” is integrated part of the curriculum of Freiburg University (Germany), Faculty for Forest and Environmental Sciences.

Summer School on Sustainable Development focuses on wildfires (02-07 July 2018) at Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France. Irstea, UCLM (University Castilla La Mancha) and Agence MTDA will participate in the Summer School, which is aimed at students, PhD students and postdocs interested in fire issues. Part-support of fees is available. The language of the Summer School will be French.

In the framework of the regional project “Knowledge FOr Resilient society (K-FORCE)” funded and with support from European Commission, within ERASMUS + program, in EPOKA University, Department of Civil Engineering, a new Professional Master study program, entitled Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety in Civil Engineering, has been launched in the academic year 2018-2019. This program is developed according to regional needs and contemporary EU trends. While primarily devoted to structural DRR and Fire Safety the study program includes an elective course on “Landscape Perspectives”

Europe: Netherlands / Germany
“Hot Topics and Burning Issues: Fire as a Driver of System Processes—Past, Present, and Future”, a PhD course being organised jointly by the C.T. de Wit Graduate School for Production Ecology and Resource Conservation of Wageningen University, the Global Fire Monitoring Center/Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, and the United Nations University (UNU), 30 March – 4 April 2008 

South America

Doctorado en Ecología y Gestión de Fuegos de Vegetación, PhD program organized by the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Chubut, Argentina (2016).

Facultad de Ingeniería Sede Esquel: Two postgraduate courses on fire ecology and prescribed burning (6-12 November 2016):

Doctorado en Ecología y Gestión de Fuegos de Vegetación, PhD program organized by the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Chubut, Argentina (2013).

Curso e-learning prevención de riesgos para jefaturas en el combate de incendios forestales,

  • Fecha y hora: 01/10/2019 al 31/12/2019 – lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes – 09:00 hrs.
    Lugar: Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y de la Conservación de la Naturaleza (Avda. Santa Rosa 11315, Parad. 32, La pintana) 56-2 229785980- 85985
  • Course Description (PDF 0.3 MB)

Subsahara Africa
See website of the Wildland Fire Training Center Africa (WFTCA) at:


USDA Forest Service International Programs
The USDA Forest Service International Programs organizes annually international seminars designed for natural resource managers around the world. These intensive and interactive seminars, which feature fascinating site visits and in-depth case analyses, are designed to stimulate debate and discussion among participants. For 2005, senior-level policymakers, land managers and other professionals working in natural resource management are invited to apply to seminars. See US Forest Service International Programs “International Seminars” Website at:

Florida Center for Wildfire and Forest Resources Management Training
Since 1999 the Florida Center for Wildfire and Forest Resources Management Training (FCW&FRMT) provides training to the public and private sector in forest resource management, prescribed fire, and wildfire management. Website:

National Wildfire Coordination Group’s (NWCG) Training Working Team (TWT)

The TWT manages the NWCG training curricula program; recommends for approval the Wildland Fire curriculum; oversees NWCG course revisions; recommends to NWCG the course development and format standards; assures all training materials developed by NWCG meet the Course Development and Format Standards; and provides guidance to other teams on the development process and standards. Website:

National Park Service
Another source is the homepage of the U.S. National Park Service’s Fire Management Program Center at NIFC which offers access to different training and education web sites through its “Fire Management” subpage.

APU – American Public University
Fire Science Management Degree/ B.S. in Fire Science Management
The Fire Science program at APU aims to place graduates in the forefront of the firefighting and emergency management field.  The curriculum covers a breadth of subjects needed for graduates to succeed in this challenging environment. Courses are designed specifically to fit with the uncertain and demanding schedules that many professionals face working in the public service sector. Students benefit from faculty who bring up-to-date industry knowledge into the classroom, as well as from classmates, who represent the diversity of a life-experienced, global student body.

The FireFlyer
Fire Science Degrees
A fire science degree aims to put graduates on the path towards advancing within the fire service system. A variety of colleges offer fire science degrees online, some at their local campuses as well:


U.S. Fire Information Systems and Software Products:
See GFMW link page:

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