Forest and Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems

30 August – 3 September 2004, Zaragoza, Spain

ThisDEXA workshop focuses on modern technology for the design and construction ofInformation and Decision Support Systems for Forestry and the EnvironmentalSciences.

Amongstthe most important requirements of Forestry and the Environment are : (i) theneed for monitoring information on Damage and Disturbances, including Fire (ii)for reliable information on diversity to aid in efforts to conserve Biological,Landscape and Social Diversity which is associated with forests and theenvironment, and (iii) accurate forest inventory data which may be used to guidesustainable management of natural resources for the effective production oftimber and NTFPs.

Technologycurrently adopted includes (i) DC and XML for Forest Information catalogues, and (ii) Federated web services, for ensuring inter-operability ofheterogeneous distributed databases. With the increased need for managementdecision support, based on access and use of such data resources, there willalso be an increasing need for tools which enable data integration and fusion,and data analysis and modelling, as building blocks of a Decision Support Systemfor Forestry and the Environment.  GridTechnology is likely to be needed. 

Papersare invited which report either on the application of a new information and webtechnology to the area of forestry and the environment, or the problems in doingso.  By co-location of the FEIDSSWorkshop with the world-leading DEXA and DAWAK Conferences, it is hoped thatthere will be a strong synergy between the application and technology domains.

Workshop Themes:

Forestand Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems

Forestryand the Environment

  1. Forestry and Environmental Information retrieval.
  2. Systems for sustainable management
  3. Systems to monitor, and forecast, forest fire, pollution and other damage, infestations and other disturbances.
  4. Systems to monitor Biodiversity, with a view to its conservation.
  5. Systems to monitor weather and climate.
  6. Systems to monitor water resources; quantity, distribution and
  7. Land-use Monitoring and Control
  8. Archival Systems



Papersubmission: 12 March 2004
Notification: 22 April 2004
Camera ready: 15 May 2004

Addressof the Conference Organization Office:

University of Linz
Altenbergerstr. 69
A-4040 Linz


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