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What is the Frame Work of NGOs?

They are assisting to: 

  • Initiate broad-based consultations with partners on environmental issues and provide mechanisms for the consultative interface between policy-makers and technical experts;

  • Analyze local plans of action to identify common issues that may be the subject of national policy;

  • Propose policy options for harmonizing sectoral policies and strategies;

  • Monitor national and local progress in implementing enabling strategies and other objectives;

  • Contribute expertise, experience and know-how in building capacity;

  • Support networking among NGOs local authorities to facilitate a mutual learning process;

  • Organize training programs for policy makers and technicians at the national and local levels;

  • Organize criteria and indicators and best practices competitions;

            Important is enablement, participation, partnerships, dialogue, policy development and plans of action. NGOs are in ideal position to inform decision-makers of the priorities that should guide policy formulation and the use of technologies available to implement them. NGOs are at the leading edge of the application of managerial know-how, product development and service delivery and should exploit these advantages to increase their impact for improving ecological situation. NGOs engage in continuous policy dialogue with governmental officials at all levels to identify issues of common concern and develop joint strategies for addressing such concerns. NGOs play an active role in formulating plans of action; identify areas of priority; provide management expertise and know-how; tools and technologies for improving situation in the environment; etc.



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