United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)



United Nations Educational, Scientific andCultural Organization (UNESCO)

UNESCO considers the objectives of the GFMC to be in line with those of UNESCO in the field of disaster prevention and mitigation and since they tie in particularly with UNESCO’s action to promote and disseminate scientific information, knowledge and know-how with a view to reducing the negative impacts of fire.

UNESCO prepared an overview paper on its activities in the arena of forest fires at the occasion of the FAO Consultation on “Public Policies Affecting Forest Fires” (Rome, 1998): Forest Fires: Causes and Impacts, Prevention and Rehabilitation

Another recent major effort of  UNESCO was the organization of the International Scientific Conference “Fires in the Mediterranean Forests: Prevention – Suppression – Soil Erosion – Reforestation” (Athens, Greece, 3 – 6 February 1999). The conference report contains conclusions and recommendations adopted by the international participants.



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