‘Anti-Haze Group’ presents memorandum to Indonesian Consulate on stopping haze

04 October 2019

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KUCHING: A group of people calling themselves the ‘Anti-Haze Group’ handed over a memorandum seeking assistance with avoiding the repetition of the haze that hit the state last month to the Indonesian Consulate at Jalan Stutong here today.

The memorandum was handed over by the group’s organising chairman, Sivanesan Sanmugalingam, at about 10:45am to Liason Officer to the Indonesian National Police, Joni Getamala, at the gate of the Indonesian Consulate building.

Sivanesan told reporters later that the memorandum was presented to seek the assistance of the Indonesian government to avoid transboundary haze that badly affected Sarawak last month.

“We are handing over the the memorandum to seek assistance from the Indonesian government to help address the problem of haze in the future because Sarawak has been badly affected.

“We are not seeking animosity, but for the initiative of the Indonesian government under President Joko Widodo to help address the problem of haze in the future,” he said.

According to him, the federal government has not taken any positive steps to address the latest haze problem affecting the state.

“For this year, the federal government has not done enough to address the haze problem affecting Sarawak. Only when the problem started to affect Peninsular Malaysia, than they began to act.

“So, we are seeking the assistance from the Indonesian government under President Joko, who is more inclined to help, to avoid the recurrence of the problem in the future,” he asserted.

He opined that the Indonesian president had been very active during the haze problem in the country.

Sivanesan added that he had also conducted a poll on his Facebook account, where 80 per cent of netizens agreed for the memorandum to be handed over.

Meanwhile, Joni said he would hand over the memorandum to the Indonesian president.

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