Strike of storm caused a fire near Trogir, 30 hectares of forest and rubble burnt down: canaders

Strike of storm caused a fire near Trogir, 30 hectares of forest and rubble burnt down: canaders

05 June 2018

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CROATIA – New: Canadians have left the fire near Trogir, and the fire is about 19:25 placed under surveillance. The bullet ignited the fire in the inaccessible area, so firefighters needed air aid. There are 6 firefighters in the field and 29 firefighters from the DVDs of Trogir, Marina, Okrug and Seget. Earlier: Two Canadians CL-415 from the Armed Forces Armed Forces Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia sent Tuesday to fire at the Marina Vrsina-Najevi near Trogir, which is also the first fire in which the air force has been engaged since the beginning of this year’s fire-fighting season which began on June 1st. Houses and other facilities are not endangered and no injured persons.

The fire is still under control, and about 30 hectares of rubble, low vegetation and pine forests are fired from the Trogir DVD. The Ministry of Defense announced that they, together with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, will participate in the preparation and implementation of the 2018 fire-fighting campaign, based on the Government’s Program of Activities of the Government of Croatia in the implementation of special fire protection measures for the Republic of Croatia in 2018 and the Defense Act.

According to the Program of Activities, the MOD elaborates the Operational Plan for Use and Assistance of the CAF in the Protection of Open Fire, which becomes an integral part of the National Plan for the Engagement of Firefighting Entities participating in the fire extinguishment.  The OS RH acts on the basis of the Operational Plan and the commandments of the superiors according to the established command, reporting and coordination scheme, in accordance with the legal and subordinate regulations in the field of defense.

Also, based on the Government Program, in the premises of the State Fire Department in Divulje near Trogir during the fire season (1 June – 30 September), the State Protection and Rescue Directorate in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and other bodies the Homeland Security System was set up by the Operational Fire Department of the Republic of Croatia. About this Command the equipment for the transfer of images and the presentation of all relevant information in real time, from which it is managed and coordinated the use of Firefighting Armed Forces Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia in Fire Extinguishers.

The task of the Croatian Armed Forces during the duration of the fire-fighting season is to provide assistance and support to the local community and fire brigade units in extinguishing open space fires, air sighting, firefighting and ground forces and air-material and technical supplies, water supply of firefighters and land-based armies and residents endangered by fire, and the rescue and evacuation of all firefighters, as well as the population affected by the fire. For the implementation of these tasks from all three branches of the Armed Forces (Croatian National Army, Croatian Air Force and Croatian Navy), Firefighting Special Forces Organized Forces of the Armed Forces have been established, concluded by the Ministry of Defense.

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