Structural barrier shield protects structures threatened by wildfires

Structural barrier shield protects structures threatened by wildfires

15 February 2017

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USA –/PRNewswire/ — D.A.L. Enterprises, Inc. protects homes and other structures from wildfire threats with their Structural Barrier Shield. The Barrier Shields are reusable and can be customized for any structure or purchased in rolls of the product. The company aims to help individuals living in areas that are prone to wildfires like California, Oregon and Colorado, and ship nationwide to serve clients across the United States.

According to the U.S. Forestry Service, 77,000 communities are in fire prone areas. In a press release last year at the start of wildfire season, the U.S Forestry Services noted that climate change has led to fire seasons that are, on average, 78 days longer than they were in 1970 and, on average, the number of acres burned each year has doubled since 1980. In California alone, one in three homes is at risk.

“Our clients’ houses are more than just structures, they are homes where families live and develop lasting memories so protecting them is critical,” says Matt Davis, COO of D.A.L Enterprises, Inc. “The Barrier Shield provides that necessary protection from wildfires. Most important, it’s affordable, easy-to-install, and effective.”

The company’s patented design was developed and inspired by the emergency tents that fireman use to fight forest fires. The Barrier Shield fire protection system utilizes flame retardant panels that are constructed of a high-quality fire resistant material bonded to a reflective aluminum coating with high temperature adhesive. Each panel is sewn with fire resistant threads. The product does not require any complicated assembly that uses water, pumps, electricity, or foam.

The Barrier Shield’s design allows homeowners to set it up themselves. It requires very little, if any, physical attachment to the structure. Anchors are screwed into the ground and are connected with straps. Once all of the panels cover the home or structure, each strap is tightened to secure each panel to the structure, effectively sealing the structure from wildfires. The reflective and insulating properties of the material protect the structure underneath from embers and radiant heat, keeping the home and valuables safe from the flames.

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