Wildfires in Russia grow 2% over past 24 hours to over 8,000 hectares

Oslo area hit by two massive forest fires

07 June 2016

published by http://tass.ru

Norway —  Fire broke out in two places at transmission towers in a wooded area north of Romsås in Oslo on Wednesday and the dry forest floor and winds brought the fires dangerously close to area neighbourhoods.

Police asked residents on Romsås, Ammerud and Grorud to keep their windows closed due to heavy smoke and wind in the area, while students at Bjøråsen school at Romsås were evacuated because of the smoke.

The first reports of the fire came in shortly before 1pm on Wednesday. For a period, it appeared as if powerful winds from the north could push the flames toward residential areas, but by 3pm police and fire officials announced that they had achieved partial control of the fire.

“The fire helicopter has worked hard and got reasonably good control of the fire,” Oslo Police spokesman Svend Bjelland said.

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