FireIce Deployed in Multiple Minnesota Wildland Fires

FireIce Deployed in Multiple Minnesota Wildland Fires

16 April 2015

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USA– GelTech Solutions, Inc. (PINKSHEETS:GLTC) announced today that FireIce has been successfully deployed on more than 70 fires this season by firefighting airtankers contracted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry (DNR). In what has been a very busy start to the Minnesota wildland fire season, FireIce has proven to be highly effective and efficient in a variety of wildland firefighting situations.

FireIce High Visibility Orange is now being used by the Minnesota DNR as the agency’s primary fire chemical at all fixed and portable airtanker bases around the state. The Minnesota DNR has purchased enough FireIce for 350 to 400 single engine airtanker loads, and an estimated 180 loads have been deployed already this season. Used in conjunction with a fleet of seven Air Tractor 802 and FireBoss aircraft contracted from Aero Spray by the DNR, FireIce has earned the praise of pilots and wildland firefighters on the ground for its superior effectiveness and ease of use.

“Our initial experience with the product has been very positive,” said Paul Wannarka, Fixed Wing Operations Specialist for the DNR. “Our ground crews have been pleased with its performance and adhesion qualities, and air crews have found it easier and safer to manage in the field because of its lighter weight.”

“We are pleased to be working with Minnesota DNR in all airtanker operations this fire season, and we are thrilled that FireIce has helped the agency protect homes, property, and valuable natural resources,” stated Matt Struzziero, GelTech’s Director of Sales and Strategic Operations. “Our early season success is a result of tireless planning in the offseason by the DNR, Aero Spray, and GelTech Solutions personnel.”

FireIce is non-toxic and its environmental impact is negligible compared to other fire chemicals used in wildland firefighting, particularly in sensitive ecosystems. FireIce is also non-corrosive and weighs significantly less than other commonly used chemicals, enhancing the safety of pilots and their aircraft. As a result of its demonstrated superior performance, FireIce has quickly become the chemical of choice in many regions of the country for use by agencies utilizing single engine airtankers (SEATs) in their aviation strategy.

The Minnesota DNR is responsible for forest fire protection on all state and private forests. Minnesota is also a member of the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact, and provides mutual assistance and resource sharing to member agencies including: Michigan; Wisconsin; Ontario; and Manitoba. In addition, the Compact also works with Federal agencies when appropriate, including: US Forest Service; US National Park Service; and US Fish & Wildlife Service.

About GelTech Solutions, Inc.

GelTech Solutions creates innovative, Earth-friendly, cost-effective products that help industry, agriculture, and the general public achieve goals such as water conservation and protecting lives, homes and property from fires, all in an environmentally sensitive manner. All the products currently marketed by GelTech Solutions, Inc. were created for the Company by inventor, chief technology officer and acting chief executive officer, Peter Cordani.

FireIce is a fire suppressant compound used for direct attack of fires as well as a medium – term retardant for structure protection such as manholes and utility poles. FireIce can be used in all types of apparatus: fire extinguishers, pumper trucks, aerial units for wildfires and home defense units for personal home protection.

Soil2O is a non-toxic soil conditioner and a dust abatement product. Soil2O “Dust Control” products and solutions stop all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water, solving even the most stubborn dust control problems. Soil2O Granular and Topical blends reduce water consumption up to 50% and promote healthy root development in plants and lawns, generating faster seed germination by keeping nutrients and moisture at the root level longer.

GelTech’s newest product solution is GT-W14, an advanced absorbency technology to control fluid spills of all sizes, turning liquids into solid waste for easier and safer disposal. GT-W14 is highly effective on both dense and porous surfaces, and its advanced absorbency technology absorbs liquids much faster than traditional spill absorbent products. In independent laboratory testing, GT-W14 also reduced the hazardous chemical rating of multiple industrial fluids, oils, and chemicals that it was applied to and neutralized the PH of several acids and bases with no adverse chemical reactions on any of the fluids tested.

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