Bahoruco forest fire still raging

Bahoruco forest fire still raging

29 August 2013

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Dominican Republic — Thousands of pine trees, reptiles, insects and other species are being consumed by a blaze that has been affecting the Hoyo de Pelempito scientific reserve and the surrounding areas in the Sierra de Bahoruco national park since Saturday.

Despite the efforts of 250 men the fire is still not under control, due to the strong winds that hinder the task of extinguishing the fire.

It is estimated that more than 50 kilometers of pine trees and other species are affected by the flames, which are threatening to engulf and destroy the Visitors Center and the scenic Hoyo de Pelempito. Five forestry brigades and park rangers have not been able to overcome the blaze despite the guidance from forestry disaster specialists who have been on the scene since it started.

Although the exact cause has not yet been established, the authorities suspect that hunters who in the area late last week were responsible for starting the devastating fire.

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