Forest fires in Siberia shrink six-fold within three days

Forest fires in Siberia shrink six-fold within three days

20 May 2013

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Russia — As of Monday morning, the Siberian Federal District had 27 forest fires burning on 2,591.7 hectares, the district forestry department said.

“Thirteen wildfires were confined on 2,102.7 hectares, among them two fires on 1,860 hectares in the Chadanskoye forest district in the Republic of Tuva and on 190 hectares in the Zakamenskoye forest strict in the Republic of Buryatia,” the report said.

Siberia had 26 forest fires on 16,463.1 hectares on May 17 morning. The fire zone has reduced by 6.4 times since then.

Fires are burning in Buryatia (seven fires on 212.5 hectares), Tuva (five fires on 2,152 hectares), the trans-Baikal territory (four fires on 84.7 hectares), the Irkutsk region (six fires on 101.5 hectares) and the Krasnoyarsk territory (five fires on 41 hectares).

Some 34 forest fires were put out on 13,502.6 hectares in Tuva, Buryatia, the Krasnoyarsk and trans-Baikal territories, and the Irkutsk and Omsk regions in the past 24 hours.

“Seven large forest fires on 13,286 hectares were extinguished in the Republics of Tuva and Buryatia,” the report said.

The wildfire situation in Tuva has stabilized. A fire of 10,540 hectares in the Kaa-Khemskoye forest district was put out alongside three other large fires on 2,191 hectares.

Some 467 forest service specialists and smokejumpers, 86 fire trucks and nine aircraft were fighting the blaze.

The fire safety regime was introduced throughout the Kemerovo region, in eight districts of the Republic of Buryatia and in one district of the Irkutsk region.

An emergency situation regime has been in place throughout Tuva since May 8. The same regime is in effect in the trans-Baikal territory and two districts of the Republic of Buryatia.

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