Haze blankets Trang

Haze blankets Trang

12 August 2012

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Indonesia– Haze from forest fires on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and southern provinces has been covering all 10 districts of Trang province.

Apart from the forest fire on Sumatra Island, fires in the peat swamp forests in the neighbouring provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat and Patthalung have also caused smog in Trang to be thicker, Amnuay Chantarat of Trang disaster prevention and mitigation office said on Sunday.

As the ongoing smog gripping this southern province has caused poor visibility, Amnuay warned drivers and motorists to be more careful when driving.

To prevent possible accidents, small trawlers in local fishing fleets were advised to operate their fishing activities during the late morning, he said. The thinck smogs have blanketed in the early morning and the evening.

In addition, persons having health problems were advised to refrain from outdoor exercises and activities during this period while residents were instructed to wear masks or cover their noses with wet cloths in order to prevent smog-related ailments.

In related development, the ongoing smog has worsened air quality in the lower South while the dust particles in Songkhla was at 135 microgrammes/cubic metre, exceeding the safety standard of 120 microgrammes/cubic metre, according to the Environment office Region 16 Songkhla.



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