Ten aircraft to help fight wildfires in Yakutia

Ten aircraft to help fight wildfires in Yakutia

18 July 2012

published by www.bakutoday.net

Russia–  Over the past day, 17 July, to transfer forces to the homes of natural fires and fire-fighting in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) involved the aircraft be-200 PC. The aircraft was involved in the Tattinskom and UST-Maysky areas RAID amounted to more than eight hours. The crew of the amphibian was 27 discharges, resulting in fires dropped 201 tons of water. Today, the be-200 far East Aviation and Rescue Center Ministry continues to work in the territory of Yakutia, reporter BakuToday in the press-service of the Head Office of the EMERGENCIES MINISTRY of the RS (I). For overflights and extinguishing wildfires also were 17 July five helicopters MI-8, three Antonov an-2 aircraft as well as aircraft l-410.

On 18 July, the planned use of aviation in Ust-Maysky, Tomponskom, Kobâjskom, Tattinskom, Nûrbinskom and Mountain areas. Just putting out natural fires in the employed 435 people and Republic of 33 items, including ten aircraft.

In order to limit visits to forests and prevent the outbreak of wildfires caused by people throughout 13 municipalities of Yakutia has special fire-fighting mode: in Vilûjskom, megino-Kangalasskom, UST-Maysky, Khangalassky, Mountain, Namskom, Lensky, Amginskom, Čurapčinskom, Verhoânskom, Tattinskom, town of Tommot Aldan district and Yakutsk.

Department of the Russian Ministry for the RS (I) recalls the restrictions on entry into the forest and countryside recreation and the need to respect the rules of fire safety in forest areas. “When the settlements of strong dust; the population limit physical exertion as far as possible, reduce exposure to the outdoors, to increase the volume of water consumed, not to open a window or wet a cloth veil the them and wear protective masks, rescuers said.

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