3 provinces in Thailand north still unsafe

3 provinces in Thailand north still unsafe

29 February 2012

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Thailand –The Pollution Control Department reported that Lampang’s City Shrine air quality station continued to record levels of 133.74 micrograms, Tambon Soppad station 122.25 micrograms and Tambon Tha Si station 121.25 micrograms – but all were lower than the day before.

Chiang Rai reported 194.96 micrograms, below the previous day’s 249.88 micrograms; while Phayao’s Kwan Phayao Lake station reported 138.96 micrograms, a drop from 278.71 micrograms.

The department said the reduced dust in many provinces was due to a moderate high-pressure area from China which brought strong winds and rainfall in the North over one to two days.

A rainmaking flight yesterday wasn’t successful because the Chiang Mai air was too dry. Northern Royal Rainmaking Centre academic Kitti Thoopsri said the centre would adjust its operation and three aircraft were dispatched yesterday afternoon to make six trips and spread five tonnes of rain-making substance over Chiang Mai, Lampang and Phayao.

Weather forecasters said the moderate high-pressure area would increase humidity in the air and bring some rain, which Kitti said would help the centre’s operations.

In Tak’s Mae Sot district, residents had to wear facemasks outdoors when the haze affected their respiratory systems and caused eye irritations.

Grocer Chanida Fakpol said she had to wear a mask while working because the haze was visible and she wouldn’t be able to breathe without it. She already had an eye irritation.

In Mae Sot, soldiers and forest-fire control officials and volunteers managed to put out a forest fire along the Mae Sot-Muang Tak Road, which had been making the haze problem worse.

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