Forest fire continues to rage

Forest fire continues to rage

29 February 2012

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Bhutan — The wind-fanned forest fire at Gongthung, Yangneer gewog in Trashigang blazes on the night of February 27. As of last night the forest fire was still raging.

Despite two days of unabated fight against the fire that began since February 26 in Trashigang and Trashiyangtse, it continues to blaze.

The forest fire that spread from Rirab construction labour camp in Lungzor under Yangneer gewog in Trashigang has now reached Durungtoe, about 2km away towards Mongar.

“People continue to fight the fire but the dense smoke is obstructing us fire fighters,” Gongthung villager Karma said.

Trashigang forest officer Jigme Tshelthrim said the villagers and his team were still fighting the fire in Durung.

“We have contained the fire from Ronlong and Retsaloo, but the battle with the one in Durung still wages on,” Jigme Tshelthrim said.

A national workforce camp in Retsaloo and Lungzor jail at Yangneer was saved from the fire on the night of February 27.

The forest fire in Jamkhar has also been brought under control by last night.

“If only the wind stopped blowing so much, we’d be able to contain the fire,” Trashiyangtse assistant forest officer Tashi Gyalpo said.

Except for a hut in Gonlangzor in Jamkhar the fire caused no property damage in Jamkhar.

Meanwhile, another fire broke out below Kanglung town area yesterday.

The fire was still blazing around 8pm despite foresters and students from Kanglung higher secondary school fighting the fire yesterday.

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