Bush fire hits Kannat Tabla mountain anew

Bush fire hits Kannat Tabla mountain anew

20 January 2012

published by www.saipantribune.com  

Northern Mariana Islands — A large bush fire struck again Wednesday night at a mountain in Kannat Tabla, sweeping through hundreds of acres of grassland.

Fire chief Tom Manglona told Saipan Tribune yesterday that he did not get any reports of injuries or houses damaged by the blaze.

“That’s a regular bush fire,” he said.

When asked why the area keeps going up in flames, Manglona said it could be for various reasons. “It could be a farm area up there and people did some burning and they just let the fire unattended. Those are the issues that we also look into.”

The fire of still unknown cause broke out shortly before 8pm. As of 11am yesterday, some portions of the mountain were still smoking.

Motorists and residents noticed the fire and smoke at a portion of the mountain on Wednesday night. After a few minutes, the fire immediately spread. After an hour, the mountain’s peak was all lit up as two fires were seen engulfing bushes in separate locations.

Firefighters responded to make sure that the fire does not spread to the few houses near the mountain.

Two big bush fires damaged hundreds of acres of grassland in the area in April and May 2008.

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