Euro project to tackle forest fires

Euro project to tackle forest fires     

08 October 2011

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United Kingdom — FIRE chiefs in Northumberland are preparing for a busy final year in a European partnership project aimed at improving the international response to tackling major forest, moorland and grass fires.

The Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service is working with colleagues in 12 partners countries on the European Forest Fire Networks Project, which was launched a year ago and aims to share best practice in dealing with wildfires.

Following successful workshops held in France in May and Denmark in September, the Northumberland service, which is representing the UK, will host one in March which will focus on good practice in fighting and suppressing wildfires.

The 24-month project is addressing key themes relating to wildfires, including: detection and prevention, suppression strategies, risk and hazard mapping and training and simulation.

It will identify effective methods which can be transferred in part or in full to any European country.

Alex Bennett, acting chief fire officer for Northumberland, said: “We are looking forward to hosting the workshop in March and preparations are already underway.

“Our involvement in this project has been very rewarding so far. We believe that during the coming year it will help Northumberland and all European partners to develop and refine best practice for the management of wildfires, which can be tailored to local conditions.”

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