Forest fire spread 8 Km wide in southeast Spain

Forest fire spread 8 Km wide in southeast Spain

20 August 2011

published by www.daybreakingnews

Spain — Forest fire devastated Mucia region in Spain on Thursday night. The Forest fire destroyed natural resources and the thousands of people drove from the place, the people were eastern Spanish coast region of Mucia. The forest fire damages lots of ecological sites and the species were unsafe and the wind force hit the place so hot, the fire spread eight kilometers surrounding.

There are 500 Policemen and 350 military personnel help for using 12 Helicopters, the Local Media reported ‘the fire spread in the area known as La union , in the region of Murcia, La union is the ecological site could surround forest and it close in the city of Cartegena’.

The fire began at the GMT time 20:00 on Thursday, more than 2,000 people evacuated in the place of Portman. the Fire fighters has been doing complicated work the fire damaged nearly 8 kilometer wide, initially the inhabitants worked to control the flames, the firefighters allowed to back homes and they continued extinguish. The firefighters could not able to use Helicopters till Friday morning.

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