Tigers spotted in Dumai

Tigers spotted in Dumai

07 July 2011

published by www.thejakartapost.com

Indonesia — Firefighters deployed to burning peat forests in Pelintung subdistrict in Medang Kampai, Dumai, claim to have frequently sighted two tigers roaming at night in recent days, likely due to the destroyed habitat.

On several occasions, the tigers even approached the firefighters’ post located 800 meters from the main fire, they said.

“Firefighters who monitor the area thought they were wild boars because it was dark, but as they came closer it was clear they were tigers,” Dumai Environmental Agency head Basri said Tuesday.

He added that their appearance indicated that their habitat may have been destroyed due to the forest and peat fires that have hit Dumai in the past two weeks.

“We call on residents to be careful because the tigers can attack if they feel threatened,” Basri said.

A male adult tiger and two groups of tigers have been roaming the area in Basilam Baru subdistrict in Sungai Sembilan district in Dumai in the past two months. Although they do not disturb residents, they are believed to be starving as they have mauled dozens of poultry and dogs.

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