Russia reports 180 wildfires in a day

Russia reports 180 wildfires in a day

12 June 2011

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Russia — Over 180 wildfires were burning in forests across Russia Sunday, the emergencies ministry said.

In the past one day, 186 new forest fires have emerged on an area of 16,700 hectares. At least 174 wildfires in an area of 13,800 hectares have been extinguished.

The worst hit areas are Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk.

‘Overall, more than 12,100 wildfires have emerged in Russia since the beginning of the fire hazardous season of 2011 on a total area of about 752,500 hectares as compared to 228,400 hectares last year,’ the ministry said.

There are fears of a repeat of last year’s disaster, when a massive drought and fires claimed 62 lives and devastated crops. This forced Russia to impose a ban last year on grain exports. The ban is expected to be lifted in July.

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