Huge grass fire at Central Texas Airshow

Huge grass fire at Central Texas Airshow

08 May 2011

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USA: A 15-acre grass fire interrupted the Central Texas Airshow in Temple Saturday.

Pyrotechnics caught the airfield on fire in front of thousands around 3 p.m. The pyrotechnics in the grassy field got caught by the wind.

“They were simulating bombs hitting the ground, just pop, pop, pop, and the flames got in the grass a little bit. I guess it went a little further than they thought,” said witness Jim Parton.

Up to 15 acres burned, with fire fighters from 11 departments in Eastern Bell County responding. The show, delayed, went on though, and no one was evacuated.

“This was going away from the airport property itself, where the buildings, the hangar, all the areas where the spectators were at today,” said Thomas Pechal of Temple Fire Department.

Temple Fire Department continued to monitor the field into the evening. The show will continue to use pyrotechnics on Sunday with fire fighters on-hand.

“There will be nothing at that point to burn, because the grass was burned this afternoon with the fire, so there will not be an issue of fire spread,” said Pechal.

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