Fears grow as bush fire rages

Fears grow as bush fire rages

21 April 2011

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Bahamas — Fire officials are closely monitoring a large bush fire that could threaten residents in southwest New Providence for several days.

Up to press time, fire trucks could not yet access the deep inland fire located adjacent to Carmichael Road, west of Bacardi Road, and east of Coral Harbour.

Although the blaze had not yet reached the main road or any housing subdivisions, last night persons living on isolated lots, which sparsely populate the area, were said to face considerable risk.

Sgt George Martin, Fire Services, said: “We have two units in the area but that’s burning deep inland. There’s no access to it now, not by way of truck.

“We’re monitoring it because of the various communities in the area.”

Sgt Martin added: “Anyone that sees fire should call into the station, sometimes even though they saw a firetruck, the truck may not be in that particular area. Persons should call in if they see the fire coming close or threatening them so we can communicate it to the trucks on the ground.”

The unit was said to expect more fires in the coming months as “bush fire season”, the hotter months, gets closer.

According to Fire Services, the alarm was sounded at Firetrail west, off Gladstone Road shortly before 1pm.

The windswept blaze was compared to a bush fire that razed several hundred acres in the same area and month in 2009.

Sgt Martin said: “It’s a large fire, a very large fire. It’s definitely not surprising though, about a year and a half ago we had a fire like this and in the exact same area. Coming straight down by the well fields by Bacardi Road – it took several days to extinguish.”

In 2009, it was reported that heavy winds blew the fire north from well fields into the Carmichael Road area. An arsonist was suspected at that time, as officials said it was unlikely that hot weather conditions sparked the fire.

Investigations into yesterday’s fast-growing bush blaze are continuing.

Sgt Martin added: “Persons should call as soon as possible so they (fire services) can come around and minimize any damage to property. We can’t be everywhere at the same time, so we would advise the public to pay attention and alert us immediately if you see the fire coming close.”

Last night, the unit was said to expect more fires in the coming months as “bush fire season”, the hotter months, gets closer.

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