Bush Fire Claims Building In Lord’s Bank

Bush Fire Claims Building In Lord’s Bank

15 April 2011

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Belize — There was a fire in Lord’s Bank village this afternoon. Only one structure was burnt; it was a warehouse. So it’s not big news, but how the fire caught the building is worth taking note of.

It was a bush fire in the area off Old Well Road, that went right up to the door of the concrete structure, consumed that and then the flames devoured all that was inside:…

Michael Middleton, Operations Officer – Fire Dept.
“When we got here we found this structure on fire and from our observation we can all see out here that the fire from this structure started as a result of bush fire that was well within the area of the structure. If it was a residential property it would have been more devastated. We encourage people to keep around their property clean because this could be the result of an actual bush fire.”

“From what we can see at this moment, all we can determined is electrical items were in the structure.”

Jules Vasquez
“Everything was destroyed?”

Michael Middleton, Operations Officer – Fire Dept.
“Everything was totally destroyed. The fire has already been extinguished but the smoke is blowing towards residential property in the area and could cause some health hazard for the residents.”

“What we would advise people to do if they can identify that there is a bush fire in the early stage they could actually go out there and try to put it out, all fire start small and people wait until it gets to a greater magnitude before they call us. So we encourage them to either try to put out the fire at an early stage or call the fire department immediately.”

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