Bartercard Offers a Great Way to Help

Bartercard Offers a Great Way to Help

06 March 2011

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Australia — Bartercard is again using its sophisticated systems to help raise relief funds, this time allowing Australian business owners to donate to the Australian flood victims without using cash.

The world’s largest barter exchange raised a relief pool of more than $850,000 for the Victorian Bushfire victims in 2009. Now in the wake of the Queensland and Victorian floods, Bartercard Australia Managing Director Brian Hall says the alternative finance network is again making its exchange available to businesses who want to donate goods and or services instead of cash.

“A lot of business owners in the current economy may struggle to give cash donations to the Queensland and Victorian flood relief effort, “ says Hall. “But they have goods and services that could be donated in the form of gift vouchers instead. Bartercard through its trade exchange system can convert these donated gift vouchers into other goods and services the flood victims actually need.”

For instance; a bakery in Sydney can donate say 50 x $100 ($5,000) bakery gift vouchers towards the flood cause. Bartercard onsells these bakery gift vouchers through its member business network in Sydney at the normal selling price of $100 per voucher. Bartercard then donates the proceeds (all $5,000) through a registered charity, Aussie Helpers. The charity can then acquire goods and or services flood victims can use.

“All business owners are welcome to donate via gift vouchers to the relief fund managed by Aussie Helpers,” says Hall.

Bartercard has a dedicated website landing page called where business owners can find out how to donate to the relief pool.

Business owners wanting to pledge a donation simply complete the online form with details of what they would like to donate in the form of gift vouchers.

Bartercard is also communicating with its 20,000 business members throughout Australia.

Aussie Helpers will distribute the funds directly to flood affected businesses and individuals, and will also purchase items such as linen, clothing, furniture, and accommodation.

Hall says Bartercard Australia, now in its 20th year of operation, assists approximately 20,000 businesses every year to barter their goods and services. The transactions equate to over $450 million per year and therefore provide a perfect infrastructure for goods and services donations for business owners.

“We hope to surpass the fund-raising effort of 2009 when we helped raise $850,000 for the Victorian Bushfires relief fund.”

About Bartercard: Bartercard was founded in 1991 on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and has grown to become the world’s largest barter exchange, with over 40 offices around Australia. Bartercard assists approximately 20,000 businesses in Australia (55,000 around the world) to barter their goods and services without the challenge of a direct one to one swap.

Although the concept of barter is thousands of years old, bartering though Bartercard is an innovative way of combining modern technology, a network of businesses and direct and indirect marketing channels to increase a business customers base, sales and profit, and improve cashflow.

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