Abandoned homes are fuel for burning fires

Abandoned homes are fuel for burning fires

09 February 2011

published by www.valleycentral.com

USA — Abandoned homes are fuel for burning fires.

Firefighters across Hidalgo County have battled at least ten grass fires since Monday.

In all ten of those fires it was not just the tall grass and debris hiding in that grass that had firefighters worried.

“They provide a lot of fuel,” said Hidalgo County Deputy Fire Marshal Wesley Bradley.

It was the numerous abandoned homes and structures located near the burning fields.

“Every fire that we sent a deputy to involved an abandoned structure,” said Bradley. “This posed even more danger to the firefighters because of the abandoned structures,” said Bradley.

Bradley said when firefighters have to secure an abandoned home or structure, it takes them away from their main purpose and that is fighting the fire.

“When you’re out there you’re trying to attack the head of the fire,” said Bradley. “The head of the fire is the strongest part. When you have to break off a couple of trucks just to provide structural protection…that leaves firefighters out on the line with less equipment to work with.”

County officials told Action 4 News that it is up to the property owner to keep the property clean.

They are not allowed to go onto to someone’s property unless that property is posing a health threat to residents.

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