Smoke around school sparks worry

Smoke around school sparks worry

26 Dezember 2010

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India — Tension prevailed in the north-east of Mysore when a great cloud of smoke billowed out of police public school premises of Mahadevapura road on Sunday. No one was hurt in the incident.

It was around 3.30 pm when the smoke surfaced, creating tension among nearby residents particularly from police quarters adjoining the public school. What started as a small fire later appeared to be dangerous. The smoke rose to an altitude of a kilometre and moved in a large mass towards the police quarters. Within minutes, thick smoke enveloped the area around the school.

Fire personnel came to spot 15 minutes after the fire broke out. They initially found it difficult to contain the blazing inferno but later succeeded in preventing it from spreading.

Several acres of greenery was destroyed in the fire. The fire was finally brought under control at around 4.30 pm, an hour after it had broken out.

Regional fire officer C Gurulingaiah told TOI that they had pressed three vehicles to douse the fire. He suspected it to be an act by miscreants. On the contrary, residents around the area claimed it was not the first time such a fire had occured and suspected it could have happened when dry grass was being burnt in the school premises.

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