Herdsmen Urged to Be Watchful of Grass Fire Accident

Herdsmen Urged to Be Watchful of Grass Fire Accident

23 November 2010

published by allafrica.com

Eritrea —  The head of forestry and wildlife resources in the Agriculture Ministry’s branch in Gash-Barka region, Mr. Tekeste Kiflemariam, called on the public to be watchful of the plentiful grasses that grow in various rangelands not to be depleted by fire accident.

He particularly urged herdsmen, farmers and others to refrain from using fire around the extensive grasses in rangelands taking into account their vital role in efforts to ensure animal feed and promote sound ecology. Mr. Tekeste explained that grasses especially along the Asmara-Tessenei road are sometimes being put on fire due to some negligent smokers, and called on them to avoid such practices.

Reports indicated that sufficient animal feed is available in different parts of Gash-Barka region as a result of the good rainy season, and that the necessary precautions need to be applied so as to protect it from possible fire accident.

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