Omaheke farms ravaged by fire

Omaheke farms ravaged by fire

26 October 2010

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Namibia —  MOTHER Nature and sparks made by a generator seem to be to blame for thousands of hectares of land that burnt down in the Omaheke Region last week. The latest fire was only brought under control by yesterday afternoon.

Close to 20 farms were affected and an estimated 40 000 hectares burnt to the ground – with some farmers losing almost all their grazing and fences. Hundreds of wild animals and cattle also burnt to death in the fire.
Last Monday, sparks made by generator on a farm in the Omitara area allegedly led to a veld fire that spread to 14 farms. The blaze lasted for two days.
Nico Visser, who farms with Windhoek orthodontist Joggie Briedenhann some 60 km northwest of Omitara, said they lost close to 4 000 hectares in the fire. He said the wind made it difficult to bring the blaze under control.
Visser said 40 of their wild animals burnt to death.
Arno Boehmer, whose entire farm burnt to the ground, lost about 20 wild animals and seven cattle.
He said they are relying heavily on the rainy season to start. “All we can do is wait for the rain to come very soon. But we don’t know when it will come,” he said.
Both Boehmer and Visser said it is speculated in the area that a generator had caused the destructive veld fire.
On Thursday, lightning caused a fire on Sakkie Prinsloo’s farm near Summerdown, destroying close to 6 000 hectares – 75 per cent of the farm.
Prinsloo said the fire spread to at least three other farms in the area.
He said the fire managed to unite the community with many people lending a hand until yesterday to bring it under control. “There were a lot of people. That kind of help and empathy one doesn’t find easily.”
All farmers in the area were told to cut their fences to help animals escape.
Prinsloo said although he did not notice any animal deaths on his farm, a brand new bakkie burned out.
“There were some seriously tense moments, but we managed to put it out.”

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