Target practice linked to wildfire

Target practice linked to wildfire

01 October 2010

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USA —  The Bureau of Land Management remains on the scene of a wildfire off Canyon Creek Road north of Mountain Home.

A steel-core bullet striking a rock behind a target used for shooting practice started the blaze, according to an initial investigation.

Fire crews, including vehicles and people from the Mountain Home Fire Department and Mountain Home Air Force Base, contained the fire late Thursday, which had spread to approximately 120 acres. BLM officials expected to have the fire fully controlled by Friday afternoon.

In addition to two engines and a water tender from the BLM, units initially involved in fighting the blaze included four engines and three water tenders from the city fire department as well as two brush trucks from the nearby Air Force base.

The Canyon Creek fire illustrates the need for people to remain cautious when recreating or hunting on public land.

“Because of the unseasonably hot, dry weather, the potential for wildfires in still very real,” said Andy Delmas, BLM fire management officer. “A small spark could start a fire in these conditions. Until we receive some significant moisture, we will remain in fire season.”

As crews continue to extinguish this fire, bureau officials highlighted several precautions people should remember when they enjoy the outdoors to keep things fire safe:

— Use precautions when shooting. Steel ammunition has the potential to cause sparks if they strike rocks or metal objects. Incendiary and tracer ammunition and exploding rounds are illegal on BLM land because of the inherent fire danger.

— Keep vehicles on designated roads and avoid paths with tall grass. Hot exhaust systems and malfunctioning spark arrestors can start fires.

— Never leave campfires unattended and ensure they are dead out before leaving the camp area.

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