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Fire Prevention Week

01 October 2010

published by www.theflindersnews.com.au

Australia —  With the dangerous fire season approaching, people in rural areas in particular are being urged to follow three simple instructions – prepare, act and survive.

If you leave your property due to the threat of fire or decide to stay and defend your home, make sure your bushfire survival plan is prepared well before the fire season arrives.

A well-prepared home is equipped to survive a fire front, showers of embers and radiant heat.

Even if you decide to leave your home early and feel unable to protect your home yourself, your home will have a much higher chance of surviving the fire it is prepared before you leave.

Those leaving early should prepare as much as you can beforehand – know where you are going, when you will leave, and how you will get there.

The threat of fires can appear suddenly and there may not always be enough time for the CFS to give warning, so it is always a good idea to know the bushfire risk for you area.

Always keep an eye out for the signs of an approaching fire – smoke and flames, especially.

Remember that facing a fire can be one of the most traumatic and difficult experiences of your life – your survival and safety depend upon the decisions you make.

Keep your eyes and ears out for information from the television, internet, your mobile phone, the radio or by keeping in close contact with your neighbours.

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