Phuket Wildfire Control

Phuket Wildfire Control

19 February 2010

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Thailand, Phuket —  Teerayuth Aiumtrakul, the Vice Governor of Phuket, commented about wildfire vigilant during the dry season in Phuket that everybody has to prepare to cope if the wildfire happens because the climate change has caused wildfire in many points of the wolrd. Phuket provincial government has reminded people in every villages, sub-district, and districts to be aware of the wildfire. All the area on the island was announced as the Wildfire Controlled Area.

During the dry season, the farmers who have to burn their crops have to ask for the burning permission from the village leaders. When the crops burning occur, the farmers have to build up the fence to control the fire. Moreover, they have to make sure that the fire will not spread to the connected area. If there are any wildfire caused by crops burning without permission and control fence, the farmer will be prosecuted. In addition, for people who interloped the preserved forest or the national park area, the government will ask them to move out and indict them as well.

Teerayuth also ask for all Phuket residence to be aware the wildfire, if there is any wildfire and they can not stop it, call Phuket Wildfire Control Station Hotline:1362 or Tel. 08-6272-7492,08-7886-4498 Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Phuket Tel.076-218444 or Office of Natural Resource and Environment Phuket Tel. 076-211067

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