Volcano-like eruptions in Arunachal

Volcano-like eruptions in Arunachal

31 January 2010

published by timesofindia.indiatimes.com

India — ITANAGAR: In a very rare phenomenon on Indian soil, volcano-like eruptions have triggered large-scale forest fires that are threatening vast tracts of forests in Arunachal Pradesh.

There is no official word on these “eruptions” that have occurred in the last few days in the Dehu Mountain range in Kurung Kumey district.

Sources from the remote area said a forest fire has broken out at nearby Langa Tata Mountain situated in between Yangte and Chambang. Arunachal West MP Takam Sanjay has requested CM Dorjee Khandu to seek help from the Geological Survey of India, Department of Mines and Minerals and Forests to investigate into the phenomenon.

In August 2007, similar eruptions had disturbed residents near Kimin in Lower Subansiri district, in which coal-like substances were detected after the remains had cooled down. While scientists from GSI and the Arunachal government’s geology and mining department collected evidence, they didn’t confirm presence of lava.

Local authorities claimed the fires then were caused by electric short-circuit that generated enough heat to
melt stones around a 200sq metre area.

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