WOF Programme Wins Top Award

WOF Programme Wins Top Award

7 December 2009

published by www.workingonfire.org

South Africa — In November, Working on Fire (WoF) was awarded the Kamoso Award for the Best Environmental Programme for the work done by wildland fire fighters in reducing the impact of unwanted fires on people and the environment.

“We are delighted that this important award has recognised the work the programme has done in job creation, skills transfer and our work in integrated fire management,” said Fred Mokgope, WoF programme manager. “The wildland firefighters who implement the programme will see this as a great incentive to work even harder to achieve the goals of the programme.”

The Kamoso Awards were launched in 2007 by the Department of Public Works to reward National Departments, Provinces, Municipalities and Public Bodies that excelled in initiating and implementing labour intensive projects that are aimed at creating jobs.

Recognition is given for achievements in labour intensive projects in the infrastructure, environment, social and economic sectors.

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