House Votes

House Votes

1 November 2009

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USA — The House of Representatives approved the conference report on a bill (HR 2996) to appropriate $32.2 billion for the Department of the Interior and other agencies in fiscal 2010. The figure is nearly 17 percent above 2009 outlays, with most of the increase allocated to restoring the Great Lakes, helping communities provide clean drinking water, suppressing wildfires, addressing climate change and funding programs for Native Americans.

In part, the bill provides $10.3 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency, including $3.6 billion for drinking-water and sewage-treatment grants; $6.7 billion for Native American and Alaska Native programs; $3.5 billion for preventing and fighting wildfires; $2.8 billion for the U.S. Forest Service and $2.7 billion for the National Park Service.

A yes vote was to pass the bill.

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