Massive Forest Fire in Jammu and Kashmir, Northern India

Massive Forest Fire in Jammu and Kashmir, Northern India

25 June 2009

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India —

A forest fire has been raging for the past two days in Indian Kashmir, damaging the region’s ecology and threatening nomadic tribes living near the forest.

Authorities have roped in army personnel to douse the fire.

The fire has led to a rise in the temperature of the region around the forestcover.

[Gulzar Hussain, District Forest Officer, Rajouri]:
“The temperature is very high especially in Jammu region and in Kanjuri, Kalakot and Pandi ranges there have been many incidents of fire and we have deployed all our staff in controlling these fires.”

Fire officials are trying their best to control the fire and keep it from spreading… but a lack of water in the region is making it more difficult.

Forest fires are a major cause of degradation of forest cover in India. Around 90 percent of the fires are caused due to human carelessness.

Some of India’s most severe forest fires take place from February to mid-June each year.

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