Truckload of hay goes up in flames

Truckload of hay goes up in flames

12 June 2009

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Australia — A truck driver had a miraculous escape when his load erupted into flames as he drove down a Territory highway.

The prime mover was towing two trailers carrying highly-stacked bales of hay when it caught fire after burning embers from a nearby bushfire floated into the load.

A passing police car saw smoke billowing from the hay and flagged the driver down.

The officers instructed the driver to quickly detach the trailers from the freightliner.

But they could do nothing but sit back and watch the load and trailers be gutted by flames.

The inferno happened as the driver was travelling down the Stuart Highway from Darwin about 5km south of Hayes Creek about 3pm on Wednesday.

Police said the load of hay ignited after the driver was forced to drive at snail’s pace when tourists travelling in front of him slowed to look at the bushfire.

Members from Pine Creek police and a Fire and Rescue crew attended.

The highway was closed for three hours while the charred mess was cleaned up.

BURN: The highway was blocked as the truck burned. Picture: NT POLICE

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