Burn Bans And Holiday Fireworks

Burn Bans And Holiday Fireworks

18 December 2008

published by www.kten.com

USA — The current burn bans mean no fireworks.  The Ardmore Fire Marshal says fireworks can be extremely dangerous during burn bans.  KTEN’s Meredith Saldana reports.

Fireworks aren’t just sold during the summer or around the 4th of July.     

Stands are allowed to sell fireworks during the holiday season as well.

December 15th was the first day they could legally be sold and they can stay open through the new year until January 2nd.     

But Ardmore Fire Marshal Clyde Ellis says this holiday season and fireworks could be a recipe for disaster.

“You’ve got a lot of fuel out there because we had a wet spring and you shoot a fire or some type of firework off, the ember gets to the ground.  With the humidity being as low as it is right now it’s going to ignite a grass fire and when you ignite a grass fire then you have potential for a lot of other problems.”     

While it’s normally legal to shoot fireworks in the county it is illegal for any one to shoot fireworks during a burn ban.     

Ellis reminds Ardmore residents that it is illegal to shoot fireworks anywhere in the city limits of Ardmore at anytime.            

Ellis says the best bet for holiday fireworks is to find a professional display. 

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