Watch those braai fires

Watch those braai fires

11 December 2008

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South Africa — This holiday season hundreds of holidaymakers will visit Tweede Tol in Bain’s Kloof, and Cape Nature has asked all visitors to note that open fires are only allowed at designated braai areas

“Take extra care in putting out all open fires,” says Deon Rossouw, manager of the 102 000 ha mountain reserve.

He has warned that in Bain’s Kloof open fires are only allowed at Tweede Tol and at municipal camping sites.

A “Weber” braai is also considered an open fire hazard, he added.

“This is the time of the year when people are in a party mood and it is very easy for fires to get out of control. So people should also remember not to make unnecessarily large fires.

“After the braai, make sure that the fire has been put out – open up the coals and wet them thoroughly,” he advises.

“The windy season is a little later this year because of our late wet winter, so we are expecting a very dry summer.”

The months between November and April are critical in terms of veld fires, he added.

Smokers should also take care not to toss cigarette butts out of car windows.

“If it falls on dry grass next to the road, a strong gust of wind will be all that it needs to set the grass alight.”

He also appealed to members of the public to report unattended fires.

“Any smoke that looks suspect, and can be considered a fire risk, should be reported to the local fire department or directly to me at Cape Nature.”

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