Wildfire News of the Day – 120208

2 December 2008

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USA — In wildfire news today, San Diego adds its name to the list of areas reactivating fire lookout towers, but eight individuals will probably not get an invitation to visit them, as the next article explains. The Phos-Chek folks will now be working with Barricade gel, but fire departments across the country may be hard pressed at times to provide the personnel or water needed to apply it, as the following article relates. The story of the ‘fire poppy’ is up next, something which may be seen in the Siskiyou area during fire rehabilitation there. Southern states are being told to prepare for more wildfires as they get the dubious distinction of hosting more fires than any other part of the country this past year, with 2.3 million acres burned. As if to underscore this problem, the next two articles highlight wildfires in Texas, with a third showing how the Ozarks face either fire or ice. There were a number of stories on the technology front today, leading off with one about a toxicity study on smoke, followed by two about innovative devices/software that provide up-to-the-minute fire information, a nifty hovercraft to perform water rescues, and a British article about an unusual pyrotechnic device: landslides. Heading south, firefighters in New Zealand had to call in a heli-tanker to assist on a bushfire, while fire resources in central Victoria state, Australia, have been expanded.

Wildfire lookout tower is making its way back

Eight banned from national forests after Gap, Chalk, and Indians fires

ICL Performance Products’ Fire Safety Business Enters into Agreement with Barricade Fire Gel

Nation’s Fire Departments Face Challenges in Staffing, Water Access

Wildfire is essential for this fiery flower

Forest Service begins rehabilitation of Panther Fire area

Southern wildfires fueled by dry conditions

Firefighters Battle Grassfire in Temple

Firefighters battling grass fires all over Central Texas

Ozarks under wildfire alert; snow possible Wednesday, NWS says

Where There’s Wildfire Smoke, There’s Toxicity

FireLocator.net Provides California Residents with Tool that Tracks Locations of Fast-Moving Wildfires

Disaster tracking software wins praise

Hovercraft will aid Chelsea firefighters with water rescues

Chemical reaction in landslide rocks may start wildfires

Helicopter called to douse Havelock forest fire

Central Vic firefighting resources bolstered

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