People are in panic due to forest fire

 People are in panic due to forest fire

28 April 2008

published by Kantipur Daily 

Nepal — People of Thinban village are Afraide of the fire coming towards their village burning fore seven days in the Laligurans and Chaukhedhunga community forests of Tharmare. They are in the state of confusion ‘whether to escape or remain in the village’.

Villagers are trying to suppress the fire but successed yet. Due to the thick layer of cones of pine in the conifer forest fighting effort is becoming difficult. A local resident Mr. Jhakku Bohara said ‘the village is in danger due to approaching fire. 40-45 houses are adjoining to the burning forest. Though the fire is being fought collectively by vilagers, the fire is not under control yet. Fires were suppressed in some places in day but wind in the night fueling the fire. People are helplessly watching fire approaching towards the village. One house is almost in danger’.

The chairman of the Laligurans community forest Mr. Hari Lal Bhudhathoki said ‘The fire is coming from the Chaukhedhunga community forest. We are trying to suppress the fire from all of our effort. A thick smoke is all around causing pollution to the environment’.

Pine forest shade their cones in March-April in large amount causing locomotion difficult and hampering grass growth. People intentionally set fire to make walk easy and to bust-up the new grasses.

‘Offender is not recognized yet. A large area of trees and medicinal herbs are destroyed’ Bhudhathoki said.

District Forest Office Salyan blame the community forests’ negligence and only profit seeking nature of them are the main reason of this huge loss due to the fire.

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