Mandan Fire at Johnsons Wrecking

Mandan Fire at Johnsons Wrecking

3 April 2008

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USA — A large fire west of Madan could be seen for miles.

About one o’clock this afternoon a fire was reported at the Johnson Wrecking Yard.

Brad Feldman has been on the scene and joins us now for a live report.

Brad – Guys, when I was on my way here this afternoon it looked like the entire city was on fire.

You could see the black smoke for miles.

Once I got on scene, fire crews were scrambling to gain any control they could.

(Lynn Gustin/ Mandan Rural Fire Chief) “It’s one of the biggest messes we have seen in a long time.” (Sound – truck) The black smoke pouring into the air is coming from the hundreds of cars burning below.

(Lynn Gustin/ Mandan Rural Fire Chief) “All types of hazards you know you have the fuel, the smoke from the plastic in the vehicles and the tires and a lot of fallen trees. So we are worried about that right now.” As the fire grew, crews battle another problem…a shortage of water.

Mandan Rural, Mandan City Fire and Bismark Rural continued to truck water to the scene.

Even the Mandan Refinery fire crew came to assist (Lynn Gustin/ Mandan Rural Fire) “They got the big foam units but they need hydrants.” The strong wind conditions only fueled the fire more. The fire actually jumped the heart river.

(Lynn Gustin/ Mandan Rural Fire Chief) “we have a large grass fire heading to the north towards Mandan.” Within a couple hours fire crews are able to contain the grass fire.

Turning their attention back to the fire burning out of control at the wrecking yard.

(Lynn GUstin/ Mandan Rural Fire Chief) “I am hoping hours is a good word not days. That is what we are looking at right now it’s hard to tell. It looks nasty right now no doubt about it.”

Gustin says they suspect the fire started when a couple employees were using a torch to do some cutting in the wrecking yard.

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