Negril morass fire disrupts operations in resort town

Negril morass firedisrupts operations in resort town

1 February 2008

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Jamaica — Several hotels in this resort town were Wednesday evening inclean-up mode following a five-hour bush fire in the Negril morass whichdisrupted operations at several resorts and attractions along the Norman ManleyBoulevard.

At least one business – the Kool Runnings Water Park – was forced to closeits doors after the smoke and soot from the morass fire became unbearable forits guests.

“When we got on the scene the fire was to the back of their premises,”acting district officer for the parish’s fire brigade, George Beech, told theObserver. “It soon quickly spread, due to the wind direction, further intothe morass,” he added.

He said firefighters were called to the scene at about 10:30 in the morningand by 3:00 pm had put out much of the blaze.

Hoteliers along Norman Manley Boulevard complained that their guests wereforced to stay indoors for the better part of the day.

But president of the Negril Chamber of Commerce, Grace Lee, said otherbusinesses in the resort town were not affected by the smoke and soot, whichwere confined to only the attractions and hotels along the Norman ManleyBoulevard.

“It happens every year several times a year,” she said. “It’ssomething we are prepared for and it usually affect a small section of the town.

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