Firefighters tell kids: Know how to escape

Firefighters tell kids:Know how to escape

 15 October 2007

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Redlands, USA — The Redlands FireDepartment opened the doors to Fire Station 261 on Saturday, allowing the publicto see its firefighters in their natural element.

The open house was held as a part of Fire Prevention Week, a nationalcampaign held every year in an attempt to keep people aware of the dangers offires as well as ways to prevent them.

“This year’s theme is `Practice Your Escape Plan,”‘ said RedlandsFire Marhsal Leonard Temby. “This year, we’re commemorating the GreatChicago fire of 1871. People need to have a way to get out of their homes ifthey catch on fire.”

During the event, visitors were given tours of the fire station, shown someof the Fire Department’s new equipment and enjoyed barbecue grilled up by noneother than the Redlands firefighters.

“We had a little less people than normal this year,” saidfirefighter Richie Sessler, who also gave a few children a ride in the FireDepartment’s new brush truck, a truck specially equipped to battle brush fires.”But we still had quite a few people come out and have a good time.”

Children who attended the open house were given red plastic fire helmets, andgiven some basic instructions in how to react if a fire were to ever find

its way into their homes.

When asked what he would do if his clothes ever caught on fire, 4-year-oldJake Green responded enthusiastically, “Stop, Drop and Roll!”

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