ACT bushfire preparations inadequate: Opposition

ACT bushfire preparations inadequate: Opposition

2 October 2007

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The ACT Opposition says it is concerned about Canberra’s preparations for the bushfire season.

Both the ACT Government and fire authorities are urging residents to prepare for another hot, dry season.

The Opposition’s emergency services spokesman, Steve Pratt, says volunteer and rural fire fighters are prepared.

But he says there are still unresolved issues with the Emergency Services Agency and there is not enough information available for residents in the event of another serious bushfire.

“We still do not have a definitive bushfire management plan, that is both detailed and publicised to assist landowners to prepare for this season and we still only have 38 community fire units,” he said.

Mr Pratt says the Government does not have a backup fire communications system.

Firelink, a high-tech fire fighting satellite system, was scrapped earlier this year because there were concerns it was too sophisticated and did not meet the needs of firefighters.

Mr Pratt says there still is not another system in place for this year.

“The debacle that we’ve seen over the Firelink project, the mobile data system project, $5 million wasted over three years and still no secondary communications system ready to go for this coming bushfire season, reflects very poorly on the Government,” he said.


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