Blaze jumps in size

Canada to face worsening forest fire problem:UN

5 June 2007

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Canada — A United Nations report says Canada will have to change itsstrategy for battling forest fires because climate change is causing larger,more intense blazes.

The report says this development is expected to impact the country’s woodsupply, the forest industry and forestry-dependent communities and alter thetraditional fire fighting practices.

Experts say global warming will create ideal conditions in Canada for forestfires, such as warm temperatures and dry air.

A research scientist with Natural Resources Canada says more than two millionhectares of Canada’s forest is claimed by fire every year.

Mike Flannigan says if climate change continues at its current pace, the areaclaimed by fire could double by the end of the century.

The UN report said the changes in the number, size and intensity of firespose an increased threat to people and the environment and will also costcountries millions in infrastructure losses and fire-fighting costs.

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