New Online Course Teaches Basic Incident Command System

New Online Course Teaches Basic Incident Command System

25 April 2007

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Boise, Idaho, USA — The National Wildfire Coordination Group and the U.S. Fire Administration have jointly developed and implemented a new online course that will enable firefighters, incident responders and other interested parties to learn and understand the basics of the Incident Command System.

I-100, Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) on-line training is available on the U.S. FireAdministration`s virtual campus and at the National Wildfire Coordination Group`s training website

The Incident Command System is the organizational framework that enables responders to efficiently manage all aspects of an emergency response or critical situation. The incident command system was developed in California in the 1970s, after a disastrous fire season exposed numerous shortcomings communication and coordination between various local, state and federal agencies. After California developed the system, ICS was adopted nationwide by wildland fire agencies in the late 1970s, and has since become the standard organizational model for all federal emergency responses.

I-100 is an effective way for people new to or interested in wildland or structural firefighting to learn how agencies and departments organize responses toincidents regardless of their physical location. Working at their own pace, learners can complete the course in just two to three hours. Designed for entry-level firefighters, the course can also benefit fire crew supervisors, non-fire agency employees who want to take on collateral duties in fire suppression, and the news media. The course can also be utilized by commanders when the U.S. military is called upon to assist with firefighting.

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