A wildfire burns only one tree

A wildfire burns only one tree

14 November 2006

published by www.panda.org

Amu Darya, Turkmenistan — Flashes of lightning came one after another. Suddenly, one of them turned into a grey cloud. When Bairam started to peer into the darkness, he noticed a smoke – a signal of awildfire.

Conservation officer Bairam Jumaev on a fire prevention platform constructed with WWF support
© WWF-Russia

Bairam Jumaev, his colleague Gapur Jummiev, patrolman Khalbey Karyagdyev, who were on duty that morning, rushed to the source of the smoke. Luckily, it was located close to the new anti-fire road and so was found rather quickly.

Although the rain had put down the flame, the heavy smoke – it alone can be very dangerous – had already charred one of the trees… To prevent the fire from spreading, the officers removed smoking branches, covered them with ground and cleared the area around the tree from grass. The timely measures of the conservation officers and WWF – the platform and fire prevention roads were constructed with WWF support – helped to save tugai forests and their inhabitants.

“The charred poplar is the only “inhabitant” that was damaged by the fire,” said Bairam Jumaev. “However, we noticed, that it still has lots of green foliage. Who knows? Maybe it’ll live to a ripe old age…” 

The charred tree
© WWF-Russia


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