Namibia: Veld Fires Still Causing Havoc

Namibia: Veld Fires Still Causing Havoc

21 August 2006

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Windhoek, Namibia — Veld fires continue to destroy grazing for livestock and game in several parts of Namibia.

Sten Labuschagne of the farm Mazuren told The Namibian yesterday that a small veld fire had broken out on the farm Dankbaar in the Kamanjab area on Friday.

He said the fire was quickly brought under control.

Meanwhile, Jacomi Niehaus of the farm Autabib near Dordabis says a veld fire broke out at the Ebenstein mountains on Monday.

The fire has since been extinguished.

Niehaus could not say how much grazing was destroyed.

On Tuesday last week, five farms in the Kamanjab area lost about 25 000 hectares of grazing to a veld fire.

The farms that fell victim to this veld fire were Cauas Okavas, Mazuren, Vaalberg, Sendeling andHarabis.

Two weeks ago, a veld fire killed about 600 sheep and goats on the farm Springboklaagte of Kobus Visagie in the Dordabis area.

It is believed to have been started by a spark from an angle-grinder used by builders on the nearby farm Autabib.

Another huge veld fire destroyed about 5 500 hectares of grazing on the Kowas game farm in the Dordabis area earlier this month.


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