Galicia demonstrates against forest fire terrorism

Galicia demonstrates against forest fire terrorism

20 August 2006

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Galicia, Spain — Local police in Santiago de Compostela estimate that some 20,000 people supported a demonstration held in the city on Sunday against forest fire terrorism. The organisers put the figure at closer to 40,000.

The protestors read out a manifesto in Plaza da Quintana, centring on the need for a change in forest policy if the arson which has been threatening the homes of many people in Galicia is to be stopped.
Many had to put out the flames with their own hands, they said.

The demonstrators’ platform ‘Nunca Mais,’ or ‘Never More,’ demanded the creation of a special parliamentary commission in the Galician regional parliament to study new policies. They said the time has come to put party politics aside and find solutions.

The CSIC, the Spanish Council for Scientific Research, has meanwhile issued a new estimate on the land razed by fire in Galicia this month. They put it at 92,000 hectares, 15,000 higher than the Xunta’s initial estimate of 77,000 hectares.

The Environment Ministry announced on Sunday that more than 86,000 hectares were destroyed by fire in Galicia this year between 1st January and 13th August, almost 70% of the total area destroyed in Spain during that period.


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